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Canoeing is a good way to view the abundant wildlife on the River Till, and great fun too. At Ford & Etal we welcome responsible access to the river, which is enjoyed by many people – whether they’re taking a gentle riverside stroll, otter-watching or trying their hand at fishing.

 As well as observing the Countryside Code, as a canoeist there are certain rules that we ask you adhere to:

• Canoeists have a ‘right of passage’ and can enter and leave the river at any bridge or ford (on Ford & Etal land) but should not set foot on the land at any point in between unless in case of emergency.  Access points are at Redscar, Ford, Heatherslaw and Etal.

• Common courtesy should be shown to fisherman, who can politely ask that you canoe on the opposite side of the river to where they are fishing. (There is no fishing on Sundays – therefore no interference with fishermen!)

• Protect plants and animals - please take your litter home.

• Be safe – make sure that you have the necessary equipment/wear suitable clothing and always wear a buoyancy aid.

• If you intend to paddle from Ford to Etal please check the level at the Heatherslaw rapid and if it is too high for you please do not paddle it; the weir is unsafe and therefore out of bounds.

• Wherever possible, and particularly when bringing groups to the river, you should contact us in advance, advising of your intention to canoe and giving us your contact details.

• Please park your vehicle in such a way that it does not block or impede access for other vehicles.

 If you would like to have some expert tuition and/or guidance about the area from the river why not contact Active4Seasons?

Should you have any queries or would like to talk to us please email or telephone us on 01890 820338.

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