Heatherslaw Corn Mill

The power of water harnessed; unchanged for centuries

Welcome to Heatherslaw Corn Mill

Tweed said to Till:
 ‘What makes you run so still?’
 Till said to Tweed:
 ‘Tho’ ye run with speed
 and I run slaw,
 Yet where you drown ae man
 I drown twa’

The power of the River Till has been recognised since the 13th century and there has been a mill on this site for over 700 years. Heatherslaw Corn Mill continues to be a working mill to this day – a place where the past really does live and breathe.

Explore this historic building and watch the milling process from beginning to end. On your visit, you can also join the list of centuries of millers and grind your own flour, made from wheat grown in the local surrounding fields. Heatherslaw Corn Mill is the only place in Northumberland where you can experience the sight, sound and smell of a traditional mill and is a member of the Traditional Cornmillers Guild.

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Opening Times

Heatherslaw Corn Mill closes for the season on 31st October, 2021.


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