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06 Apr
BBC Appeal Reaps Heavyweight Reward

A new pair of millstones has been fitted at Heatherslaw Corn Mill after a successful appeal on BBC News online and BBC Look North. The stones, which weigh over a ton each, were gifted by ADM Milling in West Yorkshire after John Murphy, who heard the BBC appeal, connected Heatherslaw Corn Mill with Richard Waring […]

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24 Nov
The FitzClarence Gates are back

The FitzClarence gates at Letham Hill have been reinstalled at Etal Manor after a six month absence for essential restoration work. Ollie Green, of Kelsey Metal Work in Greenlaw, undertook the restoration work as the gates had suffered considerable wear and tear; they were first installed some two hundred years ago. The gates were commissioned […]

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06 Jun
Platinum Jubilee Beacon

On Thursday June 2nd, a beacon was lit at Watchlaw, forming part of the national chain of beacons to celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022. This was one of 1500 beacons across the nation. Visibility from the site at Watchlaw was excellent and beacons at Berwick-upon-Tweed and Coldstream could be seen. This historic event, […]

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09 May
The Louisa Waterford Prize

Furniture maker Rob Elliot, from Selkirk in the Scottish Borders, is the first-ever winner of the Louisa Waterford Prize.  His stunning Flow Desk and Chair installation was unanimously selected for the 2022 Prize. The multi-disciplinary work of the 24 finalists was exhibited at Lady Waterford Hall over three days in early May. Winner Rob Elliot […]

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25 Aug
The new Stickley Hamilton Collection, Lady Waterford Hall

It may be difficult to imagine the circumstances under which Lady Louisa found herself moving to Ford in 1859; recently widowed and childless through fate rather than will, Louisa nonetheless lost no time in commissioning the construction of the school for the benefit of the children whose parents lived and worked on the estate. Her […]

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31 Mar
Forest Bathing beside the River Till at Etal

Now more than ever it seems we are being asked to remember how vital nature and the natural world is to our physical and mental well-being. Being in such a beautiful part of the world means we don’t have to go far off the beaten track to find beauty, peace and tranquillity; I can think […]

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16 Dec
Waterwheel repairs at Heatherslaw Mill

The Northumberland Gazette (26 Nov, 2020) reported on much needed repairs that have been recently undertaken to keep the waterwheel turning at Heatherslaw Mill. Head Miller, Dave Harris-Jones, has seen orders increase by 250% on normal demand during the second lockdown and the waterwheel has been working hard to power the machinery. It is almost […]

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