The Murals

Entering the Hall, one is immediately surrounded by the stunning watercolour murals that adorn the walls. These were painted by Louisa from 1862 to 1883 and were influenced by the Pre-Raphaelite movement.

The pictures were painted in life-sized watercolour on paper stretched on wooden frames or panels, which were then washed with distemper to tighten them, and mounted on the walls.

These murals are made even more special by the fact that they were modelled by the school children and other residents in the village and wider estate. All of Louisa’s models were painted in her studio in the attics of Ford Castle – including the sheep!

Although there is no complete record of who sat for what picture, many are known. Relatives of some of the faces painted still live near the village, but others have moved as far as Canada or Australia.

The Lady Waterford Hall also contains a large collection of Louisa’s other artwork, completed from the age of 13 to the final years of her life.

Jesus Blessing the Children

See who was captured in Jesus Blessing the Children by hovering over the image below.
At the Hall, you can put some more names to the faces and learn about this truly unique collection and the people that bring it to life.

Examples of Louisa’s other artwork:

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