Lady Waterford Hall provides the ideal location for children to experience what it would have been like to attend a Victorian school. Groups can try their hand at learning arithmetic on an abacus, writing with chalk and slates, painting their own murals and learning about life in a Victorian village.

Future plans include a truly immersive experience for school groups with dress-up days and the opportunity to be taught by a Victorian schoolmistress! Lessons can cover art, history, handwriting, religious studies using the beautiful murals, mathematics and more!

We can cater for groups from 11-60 and teachers are more than welcome to make a free visit before bringing their group.

A visit to the Hall could be coupled with a trip up to Ford Moss Colliery to see where some of the children who attended this school lived. To find out more about other options on the Estates that may link in with a visit to Lady Waterford Hall, please go to the Ford & Etal education page.

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