Timber stock

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Sawn Timber Treated

5'x3"x3" POA
5'6"x3"x3" POA
5'x4"x3" POA
5'6"x4"x3" POA
5'6"x5"x2.5" POA
5'6"x3"x3" 2nd class POA
8'x3"x3" POA
8'x4"x3" POA
8'x4"x4" POA
8'x5"x5" POA
8'x6"x6" POA
8'x7"x7" POA
8'x8"x8" POA
8'x10"x5" (sleeper) POA
12'x3.5"x1.25" POA
12'x3.5"x1.25" 2nd class POA
12'x3.5"x1.50" POA
Droppers 3'6 x 2 x 11/2 POA

Rounds & Gates

5'6" x 3"/4" round POA
5'6" x 4/4.5" round POA
7' x 5"/6" round POA
8' x 3"/4" round POA
8' x 5"/6" round POA
8' x 7"/8" round POA
Gates - Pressure Treated with optional fittings  
4' Wicket POA
6' Field Gate POA
10' Field Gate POA
12' Field Gate POA
12' Solid Top Bar POA

Sawn to order treated timber

12'x3"x0.5" POA
12'x3"x0.75" POA
12'x3"x1" POA
12'x4"x0.5" POA
12'x4"x0.75 POA
12'x4"x1" POA
12'x5"x0.5" POA
12'x5"x0.75 POA
12'x5"x1" POA
12'x6"x0.5" POA
12'x6"x0.75 POA
12'x6"x1" POA
1.5"x0.75" POA
5'x2"x2" POA
18"x2"x2" POA


Slabwood  POA
Mill off-cuts POA
Softwood logs POA
All the above subject to availability - please contact us for further information

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