The estate

The estate

"Welcome to Ford & Etal Estates, home to my family for over 100 years.

I am the fourth generation of the family.  My great-grandfather, the 1st Baron Joicey, purchased Ford Estate in 1907 from the Waterford family, in Ireland, who in turn had inherited it from the Delavals.  One year later, in 1908, he purchased the adjoining Etal Estate, uniting the two under one ownership for the first time in history.

We are located as far north in England as it is possible to go.  Scotland lies to our west and – incredibly – to our south.  With stunning views over the Cheviot Hills and into the famous Tweed Valley this is real Border Country, an area too often overlooked by people heading further north up the A1 or A697.  

We believe passionately in our role as stewards and custodians of this beautiful landscape, and in providing opportunities for people to live and work here.  Although it seems at first glance to be a farming community, when you explore further you will find some truly amazing enterprises here, making this a really unique place both to live and to visit.

The pages of this website provide the detail of Ford & Etal, from attractions to tearooms; wildlife and nature to history.  Whatever your interest in visiting us, be it as a visitor, researcher, student or family descendent, you are warmly welcome.
We take real pleasure in welcoming thousands of people to Ford & Etal every year, whether for their first visit or because they come back frequently and regularly.  I hope you too will come to love the place as much as we do."

James Joicey

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