"Wheel Clyde" Appeal

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Last summer the horse-drawn carriage rides offered at Hay Farm Heavy Horse Centre were more popular than ever. Visitors loved being close to the horses and seeing the countryside around the farm from a different perspective.   But Anna Cockburn, who drives the carriage and is co-owner of the Heavy Horse Centre, spotted a problem. Whilst the Centre itself is fully accessible and welcomes many visitors of all ages, who have mobility issues, unfortunately these visitors can’t enjoy the carriage rides because it is not possible for them to climb the steps.

This means that often family members who are reliant on wheelchairs or have other movement or mobility difficulties sadly wait in the Centre whilst other family members enjoy a carriage ride.

As a result, Centre founder Viv and daughter Anna decided to carry out some research into specially adapted carriages and have identified a model that will allow full access for wheelchair users and others who are unable to use the standard carriage, and they are thrilled to have been selected for the Tesco “Bags of Help” scheme in the local Berwick store. If they are successful in receiving funding from this scheme it will enable them to purchase a specially adapted carriage making all activities at the Centre fully accessible.

Viv said “We find it heart-breaking to see visitors who are unable to join in the fun of a carriage ride alongside their friends and families, especially as we have always prided ourselves on Hay Farm being an accessible visitor attraction. Should we be successful in the Tesco scheme, then once we buy the carriage we will also offer special days for groups of people who are less able-bodied or use a wheelchair to come along and enjoy this facility.”

Anna added, “We are always overwhelmed by the level of support we receive from the public, and so would ask that on this occasion if our supporters are in Tesco at Berwick, please would they consider popping their tokens into our pot. It is listed under our charity name, ‘Northumberland Heavy Horse Heritage’ and the project name is ‘Wheel-Clyde’. Fingers crossed that we can get this project up and running.”

The collection point is open until 31st March 2020. More information about the Tesco scheme can be found at https://tescobagsofhelp.org.uk/how-in-store-voting-works/

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