Going, going, gone... Farewell to a Familiar Ford & Etal Landscape Feature

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The countryside is constantly changing, both with the seasons and with the activities of man.  This week regular visitors to Ford & Etal will notice a big change to the landscape on the road between Heatherslaw Railway Station and Etal. The small clump of Poplar trees beside the cycle path has been felled. 

Ford & Etal's Forestry Department  carefully manages the extensive woodlands (around 650 hectares) across the estates, felling and replanting as necessary.  These trees, which were of considerable age for the Poplar species, and ready for harvesting,  had begun to show signs of instability in high winds and were definitely ‘past their sell-by date’.  

Felling these Poplars has opened up a superb panorama for walkers and cyclists on the path down to Heatherslaw, looking over Heatherslaw Cornmill and beyond to the Cheviot Hills.  The felled trees will be replaced by a crop of Oaks, mixed with Beam and Rowan. 

The images below show the 'before and after' view.

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