Lady Waterford's Flodden Marmalade wins Prestigious Bronze Award

Lynn Allan making marmalde in her new kitchen at the Old Dairy  in Ford|| Lynn Allan making marmalde in her new kitchen at the Old Dairy in Ford|| Keith Allan||

Award winning marmalade maker Lynne Allan, who runs Lady Waterford Preserves as part of the Old Dairy Concept Store in Ford, has won a coveted bronze award in The World's Original Marmalade Competition, which was held at Dalemain House in Cumbria at the weekend.

She went back in history 500 years to create a special Flodden marmalade to commemorate the famous battle, which took place in 1513 and beat off competition from accredited marmalade makers throughout the United Kingdom and abroad to win third place in the Any Citrus Marmalade category.

"Once again we are delighted to take a bronze at this amazing marmalade festival," Lynne Allan said. We entered three years ago and won Silver for our Lady Waterford's Marmalade with Chips and since then the competition has got even stiffer. The artisan section is a hard fought and highly prized section of the competition with the likes of the Ludlow Food Centre taking part and a host of other excellent marmalade makers."

Lynne believes there are genuine reasons for inventing a Flodden Marmalade. "To begin with The Scottish King James stayed at Ford Castle before travelling into the hills to join his troops at Flodden. He may even have eaten some marmalade before he left, not on toast as we do today, but as a sweetmeat, served in thick slices for dessert at the end of a feast or dinner. And, who knows, it could have been the last thing James lV tasted, because he was killed during the battle along with 10,000 of his soldiers."

Marmalade really does have a fascinating history. For example it was a very special gift in the reign of Henry V111, equivalent today to a case of fine wine or champagne. And in the King's letters and papers of 1524 it is recorded that Hull of Exeter gave him one box of marmalade and Henry was delighted with it.

The marmalades are judged for taste, aroma, set, looks and style and the two-day festival draws thousands of people interested in the hugely popular world of marmalade making.

Lynne makes her own jams and marmalades to sell and serve exclusively from the Old Dairy coffee shop and new parlour kitchen where they have the latest AGA on hand to make all their preserves. The winning recipe for the Flodden marmalade uses, rather fittingly, blood oranges to signify the connection to the battle!

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