Potato Harvest

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When we think of harvest time this usually conjures up images of combine harvesters, trailers of wheat or barley, bales of golden straw and stubble fields.  But there are other harvest crops too... for example, pictured here is a potato harvest in full swing, on the centre of Ford & Etal Estates.  

The potatoes - 'Juliette' salad potatoes - are grown by Greenseed on contract for Tesco Supermarkets, and will be stored until early next year so reducing the volume of potatoes imported into the UK.  The fields yielded 38 tonnes per hectare, gross weight. 

Taking into account the average size of a salad potato, that means about 500,000 individual potatoes per hectare (or just over 200,000 per acre). One person, eating a portion of 4 salad potatoes every day, would take 137 years to eat just one acre of production

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