Covid-19 - An Update

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We are sad to announce that visitor attractions at Ford & Etal will not be open to the public as planned, and are likely to remain closed for several weeks. This decision has been taken in the interest of the health and well-being of our visitors, employees and the wider community, and is in line with government guidelines.

We are a small community which, along with everyone else in the UK, is trying to get through this difficult time together.

In line with the policy currently in place in the Northumberland National Park, and in keeping with the Government’s current advice, our car parks and rights of way remain open at present. We have closed our toilet facilities. Although Ford & Etal offers miles of walks and wide open spaces, we respectfully ask that visitors do not travel great distances to access these. Please exercise the greatest possible care and responsibility. It is only by observing strict social distancing and discipline that we will be able to curb the spread of corona virus.

Advice is however constantly being updated and revised. The above may therefore change in the light of changing circumstances. We will continue to monitor the situation closely, so please look out for updates on our website and social media.


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