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For a small building, Horseshoe Forge in Ford Village can take quite some time to explore. Its unusual horseshoe-shaped entrance makes it one of the most photographed buildings on Ford & Etal Estates, and once inside it’s a cornucopia of all things vintage and collectable – including a huge selection of rare and antiquarian books, with expert John Marrin on hand to offer advice and valuations.

There’s another surprise too. Venture into the small room at the back to discover modern wall art, sculptures and model houses, shops, farm scenes and more – mostly featuring a cat or two amongst them, the trademark of the artist who made them.
These fascinating pieces are the work of Peter Fagan who started his career as a pottery teacher before moving from the south of England to Lauder in 1972. After re-locating to the Borders, in his spare time Peter continued his interest in sculpture and art, using resin moulds to make ceramic figurines. He was offered several commissions by people who saw his work and from this grew a full-time business employing a number of people in the area.
Peter became famous for his models which became, and still are, highly collectable. After retiring although Peter made the occasional piece for himself, it wasn’t until one of his collectors passed away and he was asked to sell the collection that his interest in making these models was rekindled. He now has a number of these on display and available to buy at his shop in the Horseshoe Forge. The quirky models are intricate and detailed, ranging from some large pieces to smaller ‘mantle-piece’ type figurines, along with some large pieces of his own wall art and sculptures.
Horseshoe Forge is open 11am-4pm Tuesday-Sunday throughout summer and autumn – contact Peter on 07596987080

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