Berwick Classic and Targa Rally 2019

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We are delighted that the Berwick Classic and Targa Rally, an annual event which this year takes place on 4th and 5th May, will utilise parts of Ford & Etal Estates.  This will be the 22nd year of this event, which runs an event for pre-1986 cars (The Classic) and a separate class for slightly more modern cars (The Targa).

The Rally uses both public and private roads with uses a combination of demanding navigation on the public roads and special tests on private land. The regulations demand that the average speeds on the event cannot be above 30mph so, for the special tests, a number of techniques are used to ensure that this speed limit is not exceeded.  These include having to negotiate bollards, stop-astride lines and code boards:  all very reminiscent of the way rallying first started.

Competitors from all over the UK are headed for North Northumberland and the Borders, and cars range from the ubiquitous Ford Escorts, Anglias, Minis, Hillman Imps, Vauxhall Vivas and even such rarities as an Allard KI and a 1937 Chevrolet.

Cars can be seen at the beginning of the event at Shieldfield Park from Saturday lunch time, the Sunday morning re-start from Berwick Quayside from 8.30, and the finish back at Shieldfield  on Sunday from 4.00.p.m.


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