Go on an adventure with our Children’s Geocaching Trail and maybe find some treasure!

Starting from Heatherslaw Visitor Centre, the two-mile trail will lead you through the beautiful countryside of the Ford & Etal Estates.

There are six clues hidden in the geocaches, when you have all six clues you should be able to make a word.

Take your answer to the counter of Heatherslaw Cornmill Giftshop and if you are correct you will get a small prize.

You can download our Children’s Geocaching Trail here, or you can pick up the leaflet in Heatherslaw Visitor Centre.

Geocaches are containers which are hidden all over the world. They can be found using a GPS device such as a mobile phone.

If you would like to learn more about geocaching and find other geocaches in the local area go to:

You can download the geocaching app from the App store of Play store.

Download Attachment: children’s geocache trail.pdf

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